[tex] \frac{2}{15y} + \frac{3}{5y {}^{3} }[/tex]

Accepted Solution

Answer: 2y²   +   9 ---------------       15y³Step-by-step explanation:Start by identifying the LCD, and then change each fraction so that its denominator is the LCD.Here the LCD is 15y³, which is evenly divisible by 15y and 5y³.Focus now on the first fraction:  2 / (15y).  Multiplying numerator and denominator of this fraction by y² results iny²·2          2y²--------- → ----------y²·15y       15y³           ←This is the correct LCDMultiplying numerator and denominator of the second fraction by 3 results in:    3·3            9------------ → ---------  3·5y³         15y³          ←This is the correct LCDSo now those two original terms look like:  2y²         9--------- + --------  15y³       15y³and this can be written in simpler form as: 2y²   +   9 ---------------       15y³